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    12 Weeks
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    12 Weeks
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Binary Income

A person after buying the Joining package from the company will become an Associate. The commission is calculated on business basis left and right side

  • You will get 50% of Binary Income on your Business Matching.
  • Ratio will count as 2:1 or 1:2 till unlimited Depth
  • Powerleg is Carry forward.
  • Binary eligibility two direct sale is mandatory with any package.
  • Binary will credit after of days of Binary Generation


Capping is same as Top Up Account.

Direct Income

Whenever you register to someone directly with your User Id.It will call your Direct.

  • You will get 10% Direct Income of your Direct User Top Up Amount.
  • You can unlimited Direct by your User Id.
  • There is no Capping on Direct Income.


There are 3 withdrawal Dates.You Can withdrawal on 10th,20th,30th of the month.